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Need timings to finish "overclocking" RAM to run at actual speed (1600Mhz) when motherboard only accepts 1333Mhz unless "overclocked"

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Jun 23, 2022
Anyone here have experience overclocking RAM? I have a VERY specific issue, but all I I have left is to figure out is the timings... Here it goes, My motherboard will only read anything more than 1333Mhz if it thinks its overclocked. The 1333Mhz is crazy unstable as the sticks are actually 1600Mhz. I have made the motherboard read the 1600Mhz by changing bios settings, (confirmed after bootup in CPU-Z) it is more stable, but still not stable, but MUCH faster. Can anyone please assist in helping me with the correct timings for the CMZ8GX3M2X1600C7R? Motherboard is the GA-78LMT-USB3 if that helps.

Got some timings from CPU-Z, but it wasnt all the timings I needed. Still need to determine tWtR Command Delay, Precharge time, TRFC 0 for Dimm1/3, and TRFC 1 for Dimm 2/4. I have tried to use formulas I've found online but I'm missing something. If you have experience with overclocking RAM, you could really be the biggest help in my life right now. The reason btw, that I cant just run the 1333Mhz is its so unstable its barely usable. My old ram stick of 8 gigs crapped out, I dont have money to buy more RAM, or a new motherboard, and im SO CLOSE to this working perfectly! I have other ram sticks but they'll ask for 1.65v to run at the 1600mhz, and they don't match each other in CL# so this is the only way i can be at 12gb of ram, I would be stuck trying to edit videos with 4gb... i know I'm just like one or two calculations off from my PC running as it should. Sincerely thanks in advance for ANY advice at all!

DCTs Mode : Unganged

DDR3 Timing Items : Manual

1T/2T Command Timing : 2T

CAS# Latency : 7

RAS to CAS r/W : 8T

Row Precharge : 8T

Min RAS Active : 24T

TwTr Command Delay : 6T

TRFC 0 for DIMM1/3 : 110ns

TRFC 1 for DIMM2/4 : 110ns

Write Recovery Time : 16T

Row Cycle Time : 41T

RAS to CAS Delay : 1T

Channel Interleaving : Enabled

Bank Interleaving : Enabled

DQS Training Com : Skip

Mem Clock Tri-State : Disabled

Thanks again, this is my first time every attempting something like this and it was only due to the fact that leaving it at 1333Mhz makes it almost unusable. I HAVE seen a HUGE improvement with the settings above but i know it still isnt right yet as i get hang ups and unstable performance.
Don't those sticks have an XMP profile and the BIOS the ability to enable/disable it? That should be your easiest way. Have you updated the bios to the latest?

Can you post some screenshits of cpuz... namely the memory tab and spd tab (both sticks) . A shot of taiphoon burner would be helpful too. :)

12gb.... is that an 8gb and 4gb? Different sticks too Yikes... no wonder why you're not stable.
OMG Thank you so much for replying! Been trying to get help on this for a while now.... (in many different places)

So I dont have anything in my Bios that says XMP Profile, I only really have the settings to change in BIOS that I've posted

How difficult is it to update Bios? Thats like a reflash right?

Edit: They are all the exact same stick, i just am using 3x 4GB Corsair Vengence Sticks. I can see tho where i explained that wrong, the other sticks i was referring to were the ones im not using because evben tho i could use them and be at 8gb or 12gb,, none of them match each other. the set i have 3x of in the PC now are all the same exact model number.

Screenshot 2022-06-23 175801.png Screenshot 2022-06-23 175837.png

Screenshot 2022-06-23 175338.png Screenshot 2022-06-23 175308.png
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7-8-8-24 2T
Everything else on auto.
Voltage 1.65v
The issue is, the ram says its supposed to run at 1.5 volts for 1600MHz, but for the rest, should i just enter what it would be for auto? Like im not actually overclocking the ram, just making the PC think i am.

Edit: is that why it says 1.500v instead of 1.5v?>
Flashing the BIOS is easy. Put the file on a USB stick, go into the BIOS, and find the option to update the BIOS (typically in a 'tools' section). The manual has instructions.

In looking at your screenshots..........this.....try this before flashing anything.
7-8-8-24 2T
Everything else on auto.
Voltage 1.65v

I'd imagine why you're seeing some choking with the RAM is because it's running in mixed mode because of the three sticks. You can't get around that, but make sure the sticks are in the right slots for running three of them (read the manual).
I'd imagine why you're seeing some choking with the RAM is because it's running in mixed mode because of the three sticks. You can't get around that, but make sure the sticks are in the right slots for running three of them (read the manual).
Exactly. 1.65v will smooth out some bumps and won't hurt a damn thing.
Try 1.5V (1.5V and 1.500V) is the same thing) then look in the PC Health status and see if the voltage is 1.5V, I have found that what the VRM is set for and what the VRM puts out is not exactly the same, it could be off by as little as .001V or as much as .09V.
I've had this happen to me with 1 of my PC's, it was set for 1.5V and PC Health status page read 1.46V, it was unstable, when I saw this, I bumped the voltage to 1.53V and all was happy.
If that don't work them try 1.65V and see if that works.

Here is 2 pics of what I mean, the voltage is set for 1.5V but reads 1.476V (I know this is not your MB but it shows what what is happening)


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