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need to build a system...what's your opinion?

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Senior Member
Jan 31, 2003
San Francisco, CA
i want to build a the fastest cheap system available...(i'm giving my TISU system to my new brother and sister in laws)

i was thinking about these options:

(1) canterwood board, 1.6-1.8 mobile p4 to hit 2.6+ ghz---then upgrade to the 800 mhz p4's later when cheaper
~$300 bucks

(2) amd dualie...2 1700 xp's modded to mp's to hit 2.1+ ghz...

what is the better option or do you have another suggestion?

on single cpu apps a 2.1+AMD is probably about as good as the 2.6 p4....but the AMD is a DUAL system...and that means it is really better than a hyperthreader p4...it will do well on everything all at the same time...

but the canterwood option allows maybe for future upgrades...


Dec 31, 2001
the amd dualie you listed there will eat the single p4 ALIVE.

If you were to hardcode the multi's, you would be able to hit 2.1ghz, and there is no p4 available that could compete with this in any SMP enabled app. You can't compare this with hyperthreading, because hyperthreading only improves efficiency... there are not two cores doing the work. Hyperthreading gaines are very small when compared to actually having another cpu.

I would definately go with the AMD dualie because its cheaper, and will outperfrom ANY single cpu system. (this is assuming you O/C to 2ghz or more. ... Remember you will have to blow bridges on the cpu to get the 15x multi you will need.