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need to build a system...what's your opinion?

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Senior Member
Jan 31, 2003
San Francisco, CA
i want to build a the fastest cheap system available...(i'm giving my TISU system to my new brother and sister in laws)

i was thinking about these options:

(1) canterwood board, 1.6-1.8 mobile p4 to hit 2.6+ ghz---then upgrade to the 800 mhz p4's later when cheaper
~$300 bucks

(2) amd dualie...2 1700 xp's modded to mp's to hit 2.1+ ghz...

what is the better option or do you have another suggestion?

on single cpu apps a 2.1+AMD is probably about as good as the 2.6 p4....but the AMD is a DUAL system...and that means it is really better than a hyperthreader p4...it will do well on everything all at the same time...

but the canterwood option allows maybe for future upgrades...


Jan 17, 2002
stick with AMD IMO you would get more out of it in the long run be it a single chip or a dualie. i mean the new bartons are running cooler and cooler and IMO again would be much faster in "real world" applications. and with the new motherboards for the bartons who knows how far the upgrade path could be as for the canterwoods. What i am really trying to say is Do some research and find out you are the one that has to use the machine after you build it. I do the same lines of thinking when it comes to my customers i dont just say here is my standard system. i ask them questions about themselves and what they plan to do with the system and I build around my questions. So sit down and think about it.
Dang I didnt expect to write all this to answer a simple question but oh well.