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Need Urgent Help!

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Daniel F

Mar 9, 2001
Hey guys, I have an ASUS P3V 133 mobo, Gorb with sufficient cooling i think. I am getting around 25-26 degrees temp. at 86 FSB, and whenever i try raising the FSB to 100, my computer hangs! I dont know what to do. I tried turning the voltage up to 2.2v, but i dont wanna go any higher than that. Oh yeah, and i have a celery 466.

Help really appreciated :)
ARRGH! its driving me crazy! by the way, i am using CPU COOL to change my FSB.

How fast is your ram? If it's PC66, that may be your problem. What is the bus speed setting for the ram? Make sure it's set for HST clock and not to HST + PCI clock. Dont know if this will help but I had similar problems.
Ok, in my BIOS i dont have much options i can change. I cant even change the voltage through the BIOS. I have to rearrange the jumpers on my card. I have 128 megs of PC133 ram, and i have a GORB. I have to change my FSB through Cpu Cool, thats the only way i can do it i think. I have an ASUS P3V 133 mobo.

Daniel, I checked your motherboard's manual out on the ASUS website, and you should be able to change voltages in your BIOS.

More importantly, your FSB adjustments are on your motherboard as jumpers, and you need to at least check to see how they are set before using software FSB utilities. If I remember correctly, your mobo jumpers will let you set up ratios, and that is very important to do if you can. The closer you can keep the rest of your system to spec while increasing your processor's bus, the better.

Since you also have a jumpered slotket, you have a lot of variables to be aware of and control in your system. You need to make single-variable changes, i.e. just change one thing at a time.

Put everything on default or auto, including the voltage, on the slotket and in the BIOS. Leave CPUCool alone for now except to take everything back to default. Check the jumper settings on your motherboard to see their current settings, especially regarding ratios. Then bump the processor speed up from there. Go up in increments; give the processor time to settle in at the new speed for a while.

You're doing fine, just slow down a bit. And read your mobo manual!
Thanks Dennis C you have been a really big help! I will try this out and come back to the forums if unsuccessful :) Oh and dennis, i dont know where my manual is, i have ordered a new one, so can you please tell me the exact url of where my manual is? Big thanks

your celeron may not be able to run at 100mhz. bus. I have used a celeron 400 with water cooling and not gotten above 600mhz bus. I just turned up the bus speed and had plenty of cooling. That version of the celeron never was produced above 600mhz i believe and may not really be able to go much faster.
Ok guys, i finally found all the jumpers i need to change to get to 100 fsb. What should be the voltage if i wanna get to 100 fsb? i have a celery 466. And what other settings to i change to get 100 fsb? do i go for a multiplier of 7.0 7.5 or 8.0?

Sorry dan changing multiplyers on Intel chips is impossible, sorry to burst your bubble, as for how high should voltage be, test it out, are there anyother settings between 66 and 100? if so dont jump straight for 100. If not up the voltage as high as your willing to go without it being too hot, then burn in @466, play some Q3 or something, then make the leap to 100fsb. Check the CPU databasse to see what others have done.
yep, the intel chip is multiplier locked. You have to use its default multiplier which should be 7, and bump it to 100mhz and play with the voltage until it works. It may not, as that version of the celeron just may not be able to do it.
Daniel F (Mar 11, 2001 05:30 p.m.):
Thanks Dennis C you have been a really big help! I will try this out and come back to the forums if unsuccessful :) Oh and dennis, i dont know where my manual is, i have ordered a new one, so can you please tell me the exact url of where my manual is? Big thanks


Daniel, go here: http://www.asus.com/Products/Motherboard/manual_slot1.html#p3v133 and click on the link for your manual. You will download it as a .pdf file (give it some time, it will be a bit big). If you don't already have an Adobe Acrobat reader installed, do that first.

Sorry if I've been a nag about this. I was afraid that you were caught up in the enthusiasm of the situation, and might be missing some important information.

You've actually done amazingly well. In the last 48 hrs or so, you've gone from not knowing what a jumper was to installing a HSF, modding your case, and getting an excellent oc on a chip at great temps. Be proud and happy. And be sure to come back to the boards regardless. We love hearing success stories, and there are lots of great folks here to help you and cheer you on. Now go get some sleep.
Ok, my celeron is 466mhz, it is a model 6 celeron with 5 stepping, so it should be fine. Im running a FSB speed of 83, and my new speed is 583 with a temp of 22 idle to 28 max load. I cant change **** through my BIOS because i have a daughter card. The manual says the only way to change settings of my FSB, power etc is by rearranging the jumpers on my mobo. Ok that is out of the way.

I should be able to reach 100 FSB, but my pc never is able to get past start up. I have stopped using cpu cool to change my FSB anyway. Other than changing the fsb, there is 2 other thing i am able to change through jumpers. The cpu:pci bus frequency, and the cpu:core bus frequency multiple. I believe the multiplier is locked at 7, so that is out of the way. I cant seem to find the right combo for the voltage of the core, the FSB and the cpu:pci bus frequency to make it work! HELP ME ahhhh! i have tried almost every combo, but i dont know what is the best voltage for 100 FSB, and i dont know what the deal is about the cpu:pci bus frequency. Maybe it has something to do with that.

Help really appreciated.
And what would be the most overclockable celeron you could buy?

Your PCI bus frequency needs to be set to 1/3. Normally, PCI bus frequency runs at 33. If you run a FSB of 66, the PCI bus frequency needs to be set to 1/2 to bring th PCI spec back down to 33(1/2 of 66=33). So if you run your FSB at 100 your PCI bus freq. needs to be set to 1/3 (1/3 of 100=33.3 which is close enough to 33). Good luck!
Ok, after looking at the manual here is all I can come up with. Set all the jumpers as though it was a Pentium III 700. Set CPU bus freq. selection to100.3 / 33.43 (2-3,1-2.1-2.1-2)CPU/PCI Bus freq. multiple selection to X3 (1-2,2-3)and CPU core bus multiple to 7(1-2,2-3,1-2,2-3). If still no go, try moving the Vcore jumper to test for a little voltage boost. Good luck & let me know how it goes!