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Need ut input on airflow!!!!!!!!

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well to start out i dont know my (stock)temp because the mbm4&5 progs dont seem to work on my mobo. the question is i have 1-80mm conected to the power supply sucking air from in the case through the ps and out the upper rear. (i cant get to the screws to remove it so ill leave that one) . 1 have 1 80mm attached to the rear suking from the case blowing out the back(where there are holes but no fan when you get it from the vendor)that 1 i added, also have a 80mm superglued to the inside bottom of the case suking air from outside blowing on the vid/snd card. then i have 1 120mm with a plastic case(shroud) that slides over the heatsink suking from the hs and out the side of the case. i am running an amd 600 non OCed, and the processor is running with the cover off. is this and ok setup for now or should i rearrange somehow, o and the 1 i added in the back is only like 3inches form the chips(processor) sucking outward. Also i only have i extra 4pin power plug open(after adding 2nd HD) and the fans i got from a friend didnt have the plugs only open wires-is it bad that i spliced the 2aftermarket 80mm fans into the same wire that is runnig the 120mm stock fan???
If the two 80mm's are connected in parallel with the 120mm, you're OK. If they're hooked up in series, I suggest re-wiring them in parallel.
how can i tell if they are funning parallel of in a series????
Series would be one wire from one fan attached to the ps.....another wire from the other fan attached to other side of plug on ps.....2 fans connected together.

parallel would be both black wires of the fans connected together and both red connected together.....then plugged into ps.

that help any?
i think so- all 3 red wires are twisted together into 1 big one, and all of the black wires are twisted together to do the same. then they run into the power supply.-what about the set up how should i arrange my fans, is there a better way-or should i leave then. Ur a big help thx.