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Need Vmod for MSI Ti4200 (MS-8886)

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Jun 6, 2003
I have this MSI Ti4200, with AGP 4x, 128 Mb, 40 ns Samsung memories and I would like to Vmod it, but there isn´t any Vmod "guide" for this card, (seems like I´m the onlyone with this card) :rolleyes:
Well, here is a pic of the back of my card:

The chip with the yellow circle mark, it´s the voltage regulator for both Vgpu and Vmem
Here is the link for datasheet of chip

U can see pinout of chip here:

After studying the datasheet I done some readings on those pins:
with card powered on:
pin 15 (Vsen 2): 1,66V
pin 22 (Vsen 1): 3,15V

with card off:
Between pin 15 and ground there is 1K ohm
Between pin 22 and ground there is 17 ohm

I also found the capacitors to read Vgpu and Vmem on card, even tried to solder a 2Kohm VR on pin 15 (which seems to be the Vgpu responsable) but no cahnge on vgpu (reading on capacitor) even with the all signal going to ground (0 ohm).

If somebody can help me on this, I would be thankfull.


Oct 13, 2002
San Marcos, Texas
A 2k ohm resistor might not be enough. With most volt mods I've seen for ti4200s you need to set the resistance a lot higher than stock. For example, on my ti4200 I had to set the resistance to 20 times the stock value to start out with to get a noticable gain in voltage. That was using an SC10112 chip, thouh, so yours may be different. You may want to try a VR with a higher resistance, however.