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Need water cool expert suggestions

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Jul 10, 2004
I'm a newbie to wc and don't know much about wc or even modding a case. my current system is a 2.8e prescott running at 3.5ghz 250fsb 1:1 being air cooled with Thermalright SP-94 with vantec tornado fan. I'm planning to move my system to my bedroom and looking into a quieter cooling solution. Because of my lack of knowledge about case modding, I plan to get a Koolance PC2-650 watercooled case. This wc system uses 1/4" hose which connects to cpu block with 1/4" inlet and outlet. I have read one of the stickies saying that the larger the hose size, the less resistance therefore better cooling performance. Therefore, would I benefit by using an adaptor to convert the 1/4" hose to 1/2" and then buy a cpu block with 1/2" inlet and outlet. Of course the returning hose will have to be reverted back to 1/4" with another adaptor? Thanks for your replies.


Jun 29, 2004
You should try to go 1/2" all around, it makes a large difference.... or at least 3/8" or something.. 1/4" is tiny :/ but if your rad is only 1/4" then i guess the point is moot? try to build it yourself... its really not that hard, i got it on my first shot :)


Apr 17, 2004
i highly suggest going custom. koolance is best all in one, but if feels good to get all the parts and put it all together and have it run and yea it is pretty easy, actually a lot easier than i though b4 i did it. got it right away