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Need waterblock purchase input!!

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Dec 17, 2000
Northeast Tennessee
I am about to go watercooling all the way and need to know what is the best block to buy? I was thinking on a tidal pool aluminum, because I can get it quick. PLEASE tell me what all of you think !!
FWIW, I love the DangerDen miilled-copper waterblock I got. Keeps me Peltier/processor nice and cool to the tune of <10 deg. C under load.

Ya, go with the waterblock that DangerDen offers. Its of very good quality, C-110 Copper if I'm not mistaken, which has awesome thermal conductivity for the price. The thermodynamics are not that bad either...around 9sq. inches of cooling area plus the water path is serpentine (some what) which is what you defiantly want (Non-turbulent water flow)...its a one of the best blocks I've seen around...
While it’s all been said, the DangerDen gets my vote too. FWIW, I have one on order.

i have the tidal pool and am very pleased with it. the dangerden block looks very nice as well, though.
Decisions, decisions. I ordered both the tidal pool and the dangerden. One is made of copper and the other aluminum. The one that cools better get's to stay while the other get sold on ebay! The one I made and am using right now works great. I used the top of a 4in pvc plumbing cap and used the original duron heatsink, I cut all the outer fin's off and kept the center one's then I used JB weld and glued it together, it is ugly but it cools great , my temp now is 35c . I want to take a picture of this ugly thing but I no not want to be banned from overclockers.com the only reason I am gonna replace it is I am afraid that it will develop a leak !!
I designed and built my own waterblock, I'm a mechanical engineering student so it was easy for me to design one...I made it using a CNC vertical mill which allowed for a way more complicated geometry and much better heat transfer characteristics...
Eh, I guess I could...not many ppl will be able to make it though...perhaps I should work on a design that any old Joe can make and is better than what you can buy...hmmm, that gives me an idea for an article...