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Need wiring help

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Jan 10, 2001
Not actually a computer mod but have tried to upgrade the cooling on my S10 pickup. I got the parts online and many were made in China. Got a Taurus dual speed fan and controller. I had issues from the start because of the Chinese relays that I got online. Of the three I got one was stuck open, one shut and one worked. It took a long time to figure out that the relays were bad but once I did it worked for a few days. I had the fan to kick on high speed with the AC but after a while the 50 amp breaker would kick off and the fan would quit. I bypassed the breaker and got new 70 amp relays and now it won't work? It is wired the same but every time the AC is turned on it blows a 10 amp breaker in the fuse box. I have it wired using part of a diagram that was posted online and integrated the diagram that came with the controller that I got online. Here are the diagrams that I used. The one drawing is the one that came with the controller at the top and I drew in the other relay, I added the terminal number connections on the drawing to show how it was wired. I think that the problem may be that the temp switch only has a single pole and when triggered by temp makes it ground completing the circuit. I can't find a single pole temp switch diagram with an AC option and cannot figure out how to get it working with the parts that I have. There are only a few controllers that can handle the amps from a Taurus fan without bigger relays and wiring and even fewer that use a thread in temperature switch. I am hoping that someone here can make out my drawing and see what is wrong.

The drawing is hard to make out but I have written the relay pole positions in at the top so you may be able to see what is wrong.


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Jun 9, 2013
Temp switch is the problem. You need DP.
You need +12v to the temp switch, heat closes switch, sends +12v to 85.
Right now when heat closes the switch it's grounding 85.
Using a Taurus temp switch and a threaded adapter would be the cheap way out.

You cannot do it with what you have already.

This should help you. Same principle.
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