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Needed-Absolute cheapest socket a mobo.

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Senior Member
Jan 9, 2001
Hamilton, Ontario
Im sad to say this but i need the absolute cheapest socket a mobo. it has to have a few things

1-2 dimm slots
2-3 pci slots

thats all, im VERY sorry to say this but it need not have any overclocking potentail, i am VERY strapped for cash and i figure why just have this duron 650 sitting here when it can at least be Folding some proteins? So cheapest amd socket a mobo, i would like to buy new w/ warentee or else i would have gone to classifids. Thanks all, hope to be folding with this bad boy soon.

btw-I'll buy the Epox later when ive got money, dont think ive gone soft.
Thanks guys i'll decide which one later on, thats about the price im looking for. Jim dont worry once i get the funds i'll buy a good mobo, or by the time i get the money i bet the dual socket a's will be out. Dual duron 650's would fold a lot of protiens. This mobo is just to get started.
well see right now i spent about $350 on getting a few new things to upgrade
i will when the duallies come out get them
cuz my mom said i will get to spend about $1000
i cant wait
cuz she wants my old parts for the computer and i get to get a swett *** computer
cant wait
I highly reccomend going with an ECS board over the PCCHIPS one ,I have had much better luck with them ,and they are about the same price
You can get a biostar M7VKL for $75 and it includes sound and S3 savage 4 agp video upto 32megs shared video ram
It depends who makes the motherboard... I'm pretty sure the warranty on Asus motherboards are still valid after they are sold. They don't require proof of purchase or anything, just the motherboard serial, so unless the board was previously RMA'd, I'm sure you could still send it in for warranty. Anyway, that's a total aside...