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Needing some help with my build

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Aug 20, 2016
Hi guys, hopefully someone can help me out here..: I have a Asus strix MB and a Evga PSU gold 850w... The box has so many damn cables I'm getting over whelmed... I see a cable that says cpu on it? Does my board need that? Only things I'll need power for is the graphics card and one sata drive(toshiba black) so I put the sata cable on and the one vga cable and than the main power connector cable and than I thought I need the cpu cable but can't figure it out
Thanks for any help
Yes, it needs the CPU power plugged in to the motherboard.

A list of the components, not just brand, will help us help you.
Thank you for the reply!
I have one m2 ssd
A strix MB
Gtx 1080 gpu
Toshiba black 3tb hdd
Kraken x61 cooler
Hmm not sure what else your looking for thanks

Maybe this will make more sense I have a four pin connector and a six pin connector my cou cable only has two four pin connectors on it
The four pin is only necessary if you're heavily overclocking the system.
The eight pin for the CPU is connected via the two four pin connectors.

Also, going forward, please host pictures locally to the forum instead of on Photobucket.
It keeps images from disappearing later and also helps with people who have third party hosts blocked.
Sorry bout that wasn't sure how to upload to the forum, what do you mean by eight pin? The two connectors I posted a pic of are 4 and 6 I don't see a eight pin connector? Am I missing something
The two 4-pin CPU connections are used together as an 8-pin CPU connection.
I think I got it now! So the other four pin connector to the left is not needed to hook up than right?
Correct, it is extra power if you're pushing the limits (you most likely won't be)
Wow got a lot done tonight! Installed my kraken x61 (with the fan labels facing the inside of the grill, so does that mean it's pushing or pulling?) thab I have the three 120 fans Ontop facing the same way label facing out, and same with the 140 in the back... Is that allright or is there a better configuration you'd suggest? The h440 I've heard tends to get hot as its doesn't have much ventilation on top... Now I also got to finish hooking the fans up from the cooler.,;maybe tomorrow I'll try to work on some cable management (the fan controller on the h440 ) makes things a mess going to watch a few you tube videos I've seen before that explain more about .... It's coming along.. Wish Tuesday would get here so I'll have my gpu (which I ordered directly through Evga and they totally rip your head for shipping! $30 to ship a video card ground, they want $50 for three day) but at least I know I'm getting it as it looks to be out everywhere else (the gtx 1080 ftw edition ) starting to get a little excited to get this together! Going to be such a tease my VIVE is coming on Friday and I won't be able to use it
Thanks for your help man!
Fans pushing air into the case are push fans. Fans exhausting air out of the case are pull fans. Typically, the direction of air flow produced by a fan will flow through the fan across the hub from non label side to label side. In other words, the non label side is pulling and the label side is pushing the air.