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Needs of my 8500?

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Feb 6, 2002
Hey, they are shipping it right now...I can feel it coming.
That's right, a Radeon 8500...but...what's this? I have doubts? What possibly could be wrong? Ah, my rational side has pointed out that there may be compatibilty errors with windows XP.

So, what do I need??? Are the critical updates good enough? Do i need anything really special as far as drivers go?
well, let me know.

Ok, I trust you on this one, but I didn't know if the betas were well-tested and truly compatible. Thanks for the word, I'll grab em tonight.
Some people can get away with a regular 'just slap it in install', while others like me had to do a clean install to get it working completly bug free....

Also some people have had corrupt Fonts using the 6052's, just find the best driver for your situation.....Luckily ATI got off thier Duffet and produced many drivers.....Which is a FIRST for ATI.
I used the latest drivers for the radeon (and just about every other driver i can find) and i cant get quake to work on my Radeon 8500 that i just bought- the funny thing is if i throw my voodoo 3 back in it runs fine- got any ideas?