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Neon Light Wiring Question

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Nov 9, 2001
Southern California, USA
Just got a neon black light from my friend and I need to ask all you wiring experts a question. CAn anyone of you guys draw me a diagram of how to wire a switch to the molex connector?? The switch itself is a push button switch and has 3 wire legs coming out on each side. If any of you can draw the schematic out just for the switch side ( two power wires, switch) that would be greatly appreciated. Also, can you guys include postive negative markers?? Thanks a lot
is it a temporary contact button (on when its pushed in, off when not) or a togle button (push to turn on, push again to turn off)?
actualy now that i think about it because it has 3 leads it is probably a SPDT (single-pole, double-throw) switch aka "A-B"

when connecting the switch connect the center lead to the positive rail on the molex (yellow (12v) or red(5v)) and one of the other leads to the spot on the inverter that it would have gone if the switch had not been put in.