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Network cable?

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Feb 2, 2001
Hi all,

Can someone tell me what is the type and the best cable to get for a home network and where I can buy about 150' of the stuff?

Thanks, klum
for networking you'll want to use cat 5 cable ( i assume you're using ethernet cards) as far as where to get the cable, anyplace that sells networking stuff should have it. if you need 1 piece of 150 ft., you may have to order it online.
most computer stores should have cat5 / twisted pair on hand and will usually sell it for about 15-20 cents a foot...
Is shielded cable better to have than not? and what is a patch cable? Is there any good tutorials on networking cable to read online. Thanks much! klum
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I've never used unsheilded cable so I cant really tell you which is better. Patch cable are basically small cables that are less than 2 feet and are used to run from a patch panel(hence the name) or hub to hub/switch.
Actually the smallest patch cable that you cant get that is UL certified is 3 foot. Anything under 3 foot wont test out. My tester will even tell you the cable is too short.
Electrical wholesalers sell that stuff by the spool and its REALLY cheap. I dont remember exactly but I remember when he told me I almost fell over! downside is you install connectors. PS get a wireless set up, if fits your situation.
Yes, cords CAN be less than a foot. Remember they are just extensions of a longer cable. Also notice that I said UL certified cables. They need to be used as normal cables also, and normal cables cant be shorter than 3 foot.

Anything longer than a foot will hold a signal. Anything shorter will fail when hooked up device to device. Going from a patch panel to a hub is a whole different story.

Did I confuse anyone with this, lol?
Crazy as it sounds, I do have a wireless setup. Linksys router BeFW11s4a and a couple of Orinoco PC cards/adapters for a desktop and laptop. I can't seem to get the darn things to work with Starband and Winproxy. I've been tearing my hair out now for about 2 weeks and hanging out in Starbandusers forum trying to figure it out. From what I understand it works alittle differently than using dsl or cable, something about TCP/IP and BST don't jive, well anyway its over my head I think? So I thought I would just hardwire the desktop until I figure out this wireless stuff.