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Network Cards?

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Jul 3, 2001
Is there any one card that is better than the other?I have a couple of Netgear FA311's and a couple of Linksys LNE100TX cards.Is one better than the other?Also if it makes a difference I use a Linksys router.Also can you network two computers with different cards in them?Thank you for your help.
Hey Bubba, I used the Linksys. They work great, and my router is Link also. I believe in using similar brand components in any linked system, just to forgo any little things that might show up, but its not neccessary. And yes, dissimilar net brands will be no prob.
3 com and intel cards are pretty darn good. Probably the best.

As for using dissimilar cards in a net work, generally that's not a problem.

I've used expensive 3com cards and elcheapos. Generally they work the same except for high frontside bus overclocking. Most of the time the more expensive cards react better to high fsb