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Network upgrades.

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Dec 6, 2010
I can make cat6 cables if you need any, don't know if the cable I have with do 10Gb but let me know how long and how many you need and what color and I'll make them and ship it.
If need be I can order a box of 10Gb cat6a or cat7.

My RJ45 crimper :)
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Jul 17, 2003
Progress on this project. I decieded that I want to color code my patch cables. I know, too fussy. I get it. We don't do it at work and we need to. I don't need it at home but I'm gonna. Did some google searches to find any standard coding out there. I found that there are some general guidelines but none are required so I ditched that and started to create my own.

Pattern based on the device that the cable goes to. Tentatively here is what I think I will go with:
Red = Infrastructure. Switches, APs, Modem, Router, etc.
Blue = PC or end user machine.
Yellow = Server
Green = Printer
White = Camera

I'm open to suggestions as I won't be doing this for a few months yet.

The other issue that I'm giving thought to is how to attach my switches. Currently, and in my current rebuild plan, I'm cascading my switches. Now for a small network like mine, that's fine. But I'd like to mimic a more "best practice" for this. My current plan has: Modem > Router > Switch > Switch > Switch. If it doesn't make sense to correct this I won't but I'd at least like to explore the idea. Even if I don't change my design, I'd like to go through the thought exercise.


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Dec 6, 2010
I have modem-> router-> 16 port switch

16 port switch:
port 1 to router
port 2 to PC
port 3 to 5 port switch
port 4 to 8 port switch
port 5 to 5 port switch
port 6 to 5 port switch

p.s. all switches, router and the connection between the modem and router is 1Gb

Sorry for the blurring, but if I use the flash on my camera, the led's get washed out.
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Feb 7, 2003
Below is a diagram on a redundant path switch network. With only 3 switches your better off running them all to the the router and bridging the ports.