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Networking Desktop and Laptop, need Help Please.

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Feb 2, 2002

I am trying to network my new Compaq 705 laptop with my desktop. I am using a Farallon USB to 10/100 adapter from my computer to the Laptop(integrated 10/100). The laptop runs Windows XP HE(boo) and my desktop runs Windows 2k Pro. I basicly have no clue what to do, It's been a year since I did my current computer with an old compaq desktop but that was 2k and 98. So anyhoo, If anyone can give me the complete rundown on this I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

Nic Spitulski
OK here is what you need to do. Go to Network in the Control Panel in both machines. Change the TCP/IP addresses to something like and The first 3 octets don't matter, just so long they are the same. Then set the workgroup name the same on both computers. Reboot and then you should be able to see the other PC on network neighborhood.

Good luck:D
You need to make sure that you have TCP/IP, Client for Microsoft Windows and File and Print Sharing installed in network properties.

Then as Tweak says make sure that all the machines have the same workgroup name.

I would use ip address of, with sub masks off for both. The above are desgined as internal IP address's for Lan use.

With Xp and 2k you shouldn't need to reboot, but I would just in case.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.