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Networking Folds, FoldMonitor in W2K

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Senior Kitty Power!
Oct 31, 2001
Lost Angeles
I wanted to do an update of how I'm solving the problem of setting up my LAN at work to Fold. Let me know what you all think.

What I have up right now:

Five machines, soon to be eight, running on our W2K network. I found an old post that solved the system tray icon problem by putting the Folding .exe in Scheduled Tasks and setting it to run when ever the system is turned on. The process then runs fairly invisible to the normal end user (side note: I'm very impressed with the lack of drain Folding puts on our machines, totally kicks).

Furthermore, I found that I have to set up a share on the HD of each machine that I want to remotely monitor with FoldMonitor. This adds little complexity but my Windows Explorer has begun to look like C++.

I am still looking for the automated install solution so I can place the Folding program on all of our machines at one time with the appropriate settings. There has to be a .msi solutions as part of the active directory, but I haven't found it as of yet.

I'll look more next week, I do need to get some work done. I'm open to any comments or questions, have a good weekend all.


5,130 Mhz Folding 24/7, and shooting for 10K by next week.


Dec 5, 2001
Great Job Wedo. 10GHz is gonna rule, with you and sickboy now folding some serious processing power, we should be able to hold our own against Rage soon enough.


Admin Parent
Jan 6, 2001
Stafford, Virginia USA
W2K Admin pack has an MSI builder. You should be able to assign the software to each computer through a GPO, install it, and then monitor it remotely through the c$ admin share.