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Networking IP address HELP

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Jan 22, 2002
for those of you who played Age of Empire the Conqueror with shared network in the home pls give some advice

for those of you who don't know that game...how do you use multiple IP address in the sharing networking...

as you can see i'm a newbie

usually you use network sharing both computer using one 1 IP address or connection rite?....

u see when we in the game server they can't let us login the same IP address twice...

however if that not the case that prevent us from log in...
How do you make it work?...

yes i know very difficult to get what a newbie say pls ask question anyway if you can't answer my questions...

thanks for your generosity...if any?...hehe .. jk
looking forward for EVERY advice


Computer Abuser
May 7, 2001
I presume you have a router and are trying to do a LAN game as opposed to an Internet game. If so you should give the game the internal (192.168.x.x) ip of the host machine and have your other players use that ip as the one to connect to.

If that does'nt work, I don't think you can do a LAN game unless you are using a hub and have real (internet visible IPs) for each machine.

I dont play or have the game I just made a quick Google search for it and got those answers from Micro$oft.


Jan 12, 2002
down at fraggle rock
well i think this might help...for each computer on the network go to network neighborhood>>tcp/ip then click on properties.

Click on "specify an IP address" then enter 192.168.xx.xx (just as it was posted above). Usually i'll enter for the host computer and then number them one higher for each successive computer, i.e.,, etc.

then enter the subnet mask on each computer as close the network properties box and restart the computers. Then each person should enter the IP of the host computer and then hopefully you'll be good to go.


Jan 2, 2002
I play the game and H20link hit it on the money. I do it a little different though. I use for my host IP and subnet mask and and 3 and 4 and so on for subsequent computers. For IP addresses 10 and 192 in the first column lets the ethernet card know that it is a Local Intranet connection and not an internet connection. Either of the two will work. Have great gaming and the Spanish rule in that game.