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Never had a wu this busy before...

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I had one that had 63. I think the SETI Client stopped it early.
Me thinks that's a terrestrial reflection or satallite or something.
I have had a couple of dozen or so + 100's. They usually stop in the first 10% and transmit. Love them < 15 min times. About a month ago, I had one machine do 7 of them in a row - thought it might be because of OCing to much - but that machine wasn't OC'd.

If i recall right, you do get credit. so those 15 min times chawken was getting were averaged in. I want some too!!!!
Oh yeah, I got credit for them - that's how I discovered that one of my machines was turning in so many. I was on a tbird [email protected], I had looked at my stats on berkeley, then about 2 hours later, my credits had taken an unexpected leap.
I remember that day carl and I don't believe your 1.33 was at stock. The highest amount of spikes I had in one work unit was very close to 1000. Nate I will e-mail some of those work units that take 8 seconds to do. Berkeley e-mails them to me, because I am a rocket scientist that showed them how to plug their server in :)
1000!!! WOW, the most I have had was around 75. I think the unit took about 45 min before being stopped. Hey, Bring em on!!