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Never listen to THG

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Aug 1, 2001
NE. from The IE
I have Gigabyte 7VRXP board that i can't change the multiplier
I have the unlock kit that i bought on the net ..... tried to unlock 2 different cpus 1600 1900 .... was getting very upset with the unlock kit ... then i put in my athlon 1.2 and still could not get the multiplier to lower .... MB would only work on defualt ....

Then I got my new Epox 8k9a today put in the 1600 wow and it works can change the mutipliers ... I will never never never listen to THG and will never by Gigabyte crap again .
That statement is something I dont understand. Seen it often, normally as an excuse for lack of options, like oc. Soooo stable at default! So? Is an oc friendly mobo not equally soooo stable at default? But thats me, I feel the same towards Compaq, Aptiva etc. - I think they limit options to make cheaper production/support not to make it more stable! All computers/mbos must be stable not just those who only work at default ;) They have crap design, parts, production, bios or they dont - lack of options or crap performance dont necessarily increase stability.
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If you dig up the statistics on abit and epox overclocking boards, you'll find that they have a much higher DOA rate than non-performance boards like those produced by Gigabyte.

Really? So Gigabyte have better production?, better quality control? But if user is lucky and the Abit or Epox surprisingly start up they are the same yes? Never noticed any major brand to be any better than the next one - everything being equal such as price and know-how of user/builder. At default they are all about the same, sometimes they screw up with a model, mostly they dont - but it happens.

btw dont Gigabyte supply a soft-oc program for all their boards? Gigatune or something, why? doesnt that confuse the user? ;) soft-oc better/safer?

If you get your stats, and they are not just personal preferences, from hw/oc forums Im not surprised. Leaving default increases risk of problems no doubt.
I've seen the numbers in a few Inquirer stories as well as have my own personal experiences. I've purchased three Abit boards and three EpoX boards. All three Abit boards were DOA, one EpoX died within a week of regular use and another EpoX board was DOA. I have also purchased six Gigabyte boards and they've all proved to be more stable than my current 8K3A+. Ask Emericana about the terrible stability issues with regard to the 8K3A. You really rely on the luck of the draw when it comes to a performance board.

As for why they supply the OCing software, I have no clue. Maybe it helps acclimate new users to overclocking or it's safer than how we do it.

No, the last thing I would do is to ask someone who have a predefinied oppinion ;) You can get the answers you want. Just change the "expert" and voila Gigabyte, LOL - ASUS is only choice! A locale site just recently did a poll, min. 50% use Asus here, stupid not to blah blah, same song you sing... All you can do is trying to get an impression, mine is its close to impossible picking one from the other. Unless you focus entirely on your thing and only pay attention to "weeee its rockstable" statements I think you will find problems among all mobo brands to be very simular. Abit and Epox might just get them at a slightly higher level ;) You can thrash all brands if you like, just look in right directions.

I will tell my locale store who exclusively have been using Epox in all std. non-oc systems for 2 years that they really are depending on luck each and every time :) Ppl are not THAT stupid and both Epox and Abit would close sooner than later if luck had anything to do with stability.

http://tw.giga-byte.com/home/eztune4/et4_index.htm yep, Gigabyte is everything but a performance brand, who needs bios tweaking and jumpers when you have such pretty sliders? ;)
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I never said the baord was unstable i'm using it right now as i type... I was mad because i could not get the multi to change... I wanted to see how much i could overclock my 1600 agoia 212

I'm going to give my son the 7vrxp and 1900 agoga

I'm keeping the ak9a and 1600 agoia 212... and when i did use that easytune4 , it made my 3dmark2001se run choppy.
Performance boards have a higher return rate because the maniacs that buy them do terrible things to them. I know I do.

What's ECS's excuse? Now that's crap.
I used to be an Asus fan but I could never (and I mean NEVER) get any response from their support. You have to go to their FAQ page and hope you can dig up an answer. That's why I learned to come to these forums to find the answers I need.

I switched to Epox and have never looked back (till now ;) ). The few slight problems I've had were answered by Epox in a very short amount of time. The price, quality and support that Epox has provided me will keep me comin back.