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New 8TB Seagate Hard Drive bad?

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Jul 8, 2012
Just got a new 8TB Seagate hard drive.

Seems to be working ok, but looking at Smart, not sure if will have a short life or problems down the line?

Raw Read Error Rate, Seek Error Rate, Hardware ECC Recovered are what worry me.

I have coped over just over 2TB to new drive, drive has been used for just under 24 hours still.

Anyone have expertise in this area and advise?

I would run Seagate diagnostic program. HDTune is a 3rd party and quite old software. No idea if it reads everything correctly. Your version is from 2010.
There we go... check it with it's own tools and see.

While I see values that are out of whack, the status is "OK"... so, I wouldn't read that as The Gospel either.
Thanks for the advise. Guessing this has to be the right tool off Seagate's site, "SeaTools for Windows"

I basically ran all the tests and they all passed... The one I think I should most be interested in is the SMART Check, and it passed.

Drive info doesn't go quite into detail unlike HD Tune Pro.

Any new thoughts? Think I should live with drive now?

Same thoughts... the drive is OK as HD Tune said. I'd advise you not to worry about it. My advice to you is to always have backups!
I see what you did there :) Can't believe I said "advise" instead of "advice" 3 times in a row.

Anyway thanks for the "advice"!

Yes this 8TB Seagate drive will be the primary drive in my ITX NAS. The 3TB WD Red will be its backup(have FreeFileSync running on a schedule)

Also run backups to an external hard drive every other month.