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New A7V 1005D bios

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Just been trying it for a few hours now, no stability problems so far. I've heard the 1005 series all set performance to 'normal' rather than 'optimal' for fsb speeds over 105, or something. I'm only using 100MHz fsb, so I can't say whether this problem is still there in the 1005d. When are asus going to put multiplier changes in bios??? :)
I don't think any of the 1.02 revisions or below can use the bios multiplier changes--Asus has stated that only rev1.04 and above can use bios multipliers...

So those us with the "old" A7V motherboards--there is no sign of the "new" motherboards, by the way--will be stuck changing our multipliers via jumpers
I've got a 1.04 A7V. I'll test it out, along with trying some more fsb settings, and post the results.

check and see if all performance setting will STAY @ optimal
you can set them
but when you save and exit
it resets to normal
EVERYTIME on all 1005's i have tried
but havent tried the 1005D

someone let me know
Yep that's me :)
I figure it makes people more 'real' if you have a picture of them in your head, rather than just a bunch of words on the screen.