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New A7V 133, T-bird 1 ghz report>>

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600 HP

Feb 6, 2001
well I am up and running with my new combo. Been running great. I had some trouble with the soundblaster drivers, and could not get the sound to work, but I downloaded some new drivers from Creative's site, and it seems to be working fine now.

Without unlocking the processor yet, I am at 1090 mhz. This is just from playing with the FSB, and core voltage in the BIOS. Looks like I can only get 109 mhz out of it. Anything higher on the FSB, and it wont boot.

So I will play with this 1.1 ghz for a while, then I will attempt to take the processor off and unlock the bridges so I can change the mulitplyer.

Are these pretty typical results with just changing the FSB??
WEll, I have done my first successful overclock!!

Here are the specs on this new system:

Asus A7V KT 133 MB
T-bird 1 ghz @ 1090 mhz currently 109 FSB X 10
2 Case fans 80 mm
slot fan for video card
Geforce2 GTS 64 MB running at 245 mhz core speed, 415 mhz memory speed
AMD certified 275 watt power supply
256 MB pc 133 quality ram

3D Mark 2000 score: 8104

What do you all think? Any suggestions?
You definitely need to unlock the chip so you can drop the multiplier back and run at 133MHz fsb - that's the whole point of getting a KT133a board over a KT133 board really, anyway. I'm surprised you can't get higher than 109 though - maybe raising vcore would help, it could be your cpu doesn't want to run higher than 1090 at default voltage. Raising the I/O voltage could also help, but if it's the same as the A7V the default is 3.56V, and the only other option above that is 3.69, which is too high IMHO. If you are using 3.3V at the moment, raise it to 3.4-3.5 if you have the option. Could also be cpu temps stopping you - what are your temps, and what sort of case cooling and what hsf do you have?
This is supposed to be a reply to 600HP's post (number 7) below - dunno how it got back up here lol :)

I doubt the superorb will do any better - generally the orb series don't cool particularly well. What probably would drop your temps is more case fans - if you can fit an exhaust fan (80 or 120mm) next to your cpu hsf, to take the warm air away from it, that ought to help a lot (that's what blowholes are for). If the base of the heatsink isn't quite flat, lapping it might help - use progressively finer grades of sandpaper on a flat surface (a sheet of glass is usually used) to sand it until you get a mirror finish. Also use a thin layer of good thermal paste, like arctic silver.
Hey Rob:
DRop the muliplyer back? I thought you increased the multiplyer? Or do you mean lower the 145 DRam speed?

Anyway, CPU temp is 46 degrees Celcius. I tried again and got 110 FSB/146 DRam speed, set it to 1.85 core volts, so now its at 1100 mhz.
BTW, do I need to disable Jumperfree mode to adjust the multiplyer switches? I dont think you can adjust the multiplyer in the BIOS. So after I unlock the processor, do I go to the switches to set the multiplyer?

What would you recommend I try for settings? FSB, Multiplyer, DRAM??

Thanks for the help!

After u have unlocked your chip, u can change the multiplier by the dip switches. When u can change the multiplier, u should try to lower it, and pump up the FSB, that will give u a better performance.
Here is an example, I will use my own computer to show u this:

At 978MHz ( 9,5x103) I get 5250 Points in 3D Mark 2000

At 963MHz (9x107) I get 5280 points in 3D Mark 2000

U see even though I ave fewer MHz, I still get a better score, that's because the FSB speed is higher, and that is what gives the best result. So even though I can run at 978MHz, I only run at 963MHz, because it's the best!
That's why u should try to lower your multiplier.
The tbird has a multiplier of 10x, designed for a fsb of 100, hence a clock speed of 1000. The great thing about the A7V133 as I'm sure you know is it allows you to run a 133MHz fsb - with a 1/4 PCI divisor all your components run at spec'd speeds, PCI slots are at 33MHz and the RAM is at 133MHz. Only problem is the cpu is then at 10x133 - ie 1330MHZ! Without some serious cooling and voltage that's not likely - hence you have to lower the multiplier - eg to 7.5, hence the cpu runs at 997.5, or 8 (cpu at 1064).

About jumperfree mode - you can stay in jumperfree mode, but set just the multiplier switches to what you want - the cpu will operate at that multiplier, but you have all the jumperfree bios options for fsb and voltage. I know it's not what the manual says, but it works. Just leave everything as it is, apart from the block of 6 switches to set the multiplier.
Thanks for the info guys. WEll I just played a long round of Unreal Tournament with 1.85 volts, 1090 mhz, 109 FSB, and right after I finished the temp went to 50 degrees celcius.
I am running a Cooler Master heat sink and fan combo.

I may need to upgrade later, dont know. It comes highly recommended from this one local shop. I also have a Super Orb here that I could try and get some comparisons from. I am running an extra 80mm case fan from the from the front.

Let me here your comments!

thanks again