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New A7V BIOS OUT!!! Any results?

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yup.. i flashed it, and set my bios up again to how i run with 1004d. wouldn't boot!! so i tried every fsb setting down to 100, and only 100 would boot! it wouldn't even let me oc my fsb by 1mhz!! i normally run at 107 or 109, depending on how much voltage i feel like giving my proc. anyway, so i promptly reflashed my old bios.
and before anyone says it.. the jumpers and dipswitches are all correctly set, just how i use them with 1004d or 1003.
Did u flashed the beta or the final? Well, I don't o/c my fsb, cause it's fine at 10x multplier. Oh, and my cheapo PC100 are o/ced for 133mhz. So, I don't bother with fsb...
Oh, offcourse I flashed to 1006, and it's working pretty good. 8)
Ya, i had boot probs with the 1005c also. I'm running my 800 tbird at 950 on the 1004c and it's rock solid. Tried to update to the 1005c for some stupid reason and it wouldn't reboot. Had to revert back to 1004c. Should now better than to try and fix somethin that already works :)