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New A7V133....now what??

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Dec 18, 2000
Hi all, been off the Forum a while.

Just got an A7v133 and am running a Duron 800 to tide me over for now. It has bios rev. 1002a-1. Ive had all sorts of h*ll getting it up and stable but after a reformat, clean install of WinMe, its OK. Only had one day so thats not enough to really tell.

Now, should I OC that unlocked Duron, and to what? How about Vcore settings and should I update the Bios?

Have had it lock up a bit much too. What are your exp. with this mobo and how have you rectified them?

Thanks in advance,
Well i have been running that borad for about 2 months now..i am only O/C
with the FSB for right now..Untill i get better HSF . I did have some minor promblems with O/C .So i up dated the bios to the 1004 and has been running stable since then..Also notice a little bit of speed up with SiSoftsandra to..As for how far to go with your Duron 800. i have seen some post with others running at 900 and above
Hmmm . . . Unlocked Duron on an A7V133 eh? Well, If I were you, I'd leave the FSB alone, and try w/ multipliers first. Just go into JumperFree mode. Thats a GODSEND! I can't get jumperfree to work w/ Vcore modifier though, which is unfortunate. Make sure to tell us how you do! ^_^
I've had good results with the A7V133. I don't know how you did on the luck of the draw with the 800 though.

Good luck!

Duron 600 @1130MHz 133*8.5 1.85 Vcore FOP32 four case fans in a modified case, 52C load
ASUS A7V133 256MB Micron PC133 RAM
300W ps
two WD 20G ATA100 7200hdd RAID 0
Voodoo 3 3500 with TV tuner
Plexter 12/10/32 CDR/RW
56K modem
10/100 Lincsys NIC
on a LAN with cable internet access 3000K
main thing what heatsink you have now and what are your temps....idel?........Full Load?....

also i have read alot of post's talking the 1004 bios was best for overclocking so i would do that

one suggestion..ME is a BAD OS for overclocking

i Run Win98SE with DX8a but with no windows updates except WMP .......

i can NOT get ME stable @ 366 even on a BX board with a cellery 366 that will go 450 @ defalt voltage on Win98SE so 98se seems to be the OCing OS

mainly whats the heatsink and ur temps>?