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SOLVED new amd 1300 and fan for mmx2 problems

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first of I just bought a new 1300 amd and a fan for my Hercules prophet 2mmx, apply paste and away we go but I think the gf card keeps locking up I’m not over clocking anything at all but out of the blue the mmx2 die there’s nothing on the monitor at all most of the time I have to fiddle about with it, to get it back.

Now to install the fan I have taken of the heat sink and then used some thermal past attached fan and away we go. However after awhile the monitor dies on me no response at all, I have fuzzy logic 3 and it tells my cpu clock temp is 58/c 138f a bit high for an athlon well on that I’m not sure the agp clock 1.76v 68 hrz is that ok for a herc mmx2 32mb any help appreciated.
If it's AMD related, I won't be of much help (and perhaps this needs to go to the AMD cpu thread), but as for the Hercules 2 MX hsf dealie, you need to make sure that the heat sink and fan are FIRMLY placed on that GPU, otherwise it will overheat like any other processor without adequate cooling.

Those processor temps are rediculously high, that I'm worried about.
i could be that i might try and reseal the fan as for the amd it runs hot 50-60c aparently thank for the post