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New and old ram?

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Mar 15, 2003
Planning on doing some upgrades, and getting a new mobo and ram among other things. Will most likely be getting NF7-S 2 and Corsair XMS 3200, not sure on how much of it yet, possibly 2 256 or 1 512.

I was wondering if I could salvage my ram from my old computer. I have two sticks of 256mb DDR PC2100, made by Samsung.

Will these two old sticks be able to play nice in this mobo with the new ram? Or will they simply get in the way and be better off left out. Just starting OCing, so will be a slow process until I can optimize their use.



Jan 8, 2003
mixing 2100 with 3200 isn't exactly something I would call smart. Not that there would be any conflicts, but if your running 2100 and 3200 together your defating your purpose of buying 3200. The reason we buy faster ram is so we can run it faster.

I suggest either you buy more 2100 and run it with your current 2100, or buy 3200 and give the 2100 to someone.


Apr 30, 2003
yes i agree
your pc3200 will run at pc2100 speed if you do so..
also there might be a chance that might cause compatiblity