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New ATA100 drivers for A7V how do i install them??

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Jan 1, 2001
I downloaded the new ATA100 Drivers so i dont have to wait for the long Post when i boot the computer. The one that i download was from Promise website and it was 1.6 Build 32. And i also downloaded the Drivers 1.6 Build 25 fromt he asus website. Is there a difference between the too? Which one should i install? The 1.6 Build 32 or the 1.6 Build 25? I just dont really understand how to install it. Can someone help me please thanks.

Thanks again
Right click on 'my computer' and select properties to get to device manager. Under scsi controllers you'll find the Promise ATA100 controller, so double click on that and then on the driver tab, and then click 'update driver'. Direct it to the folder you saved the downloaded driver in (put the different versions in different folders to make it easier), and it should install the driver and restart. Just do the same after restart but click 'driver file details' instead of update driver to make sure you're using the new version.

As for which version to use, 25 worked fine for me, and I never used 32 so I can't say what they're like. I've just gone to the 33 build, though I can't remember where I got it from, and it seems slightly faster. Just try them both (though I'm guessing the 32 should be faster).

UPDATE: Get the build 33 at http://cgi.asus.com.tw/cgi-bin/dl.asp?filename=misc/ide/v160b33.zip