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New AVGN - must see it...

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Aug 24, 2007
I just about peed myself laughing. Stick with it, the beginning is slower than usual. It's the wizard/smb3 one at the bottom right.

Link Removed - Oni :sn:
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you can get to the shows from game trailers site because well, they host the video for it
that was pretty good, i could see my self going all nutso and shooting possessed things like he did at the end.
now i know hes showing appreication for his fans and all but i really dont like the minute and a half long intro os crapily ripped you tube videos of people composing his theme song on all sorts of different instruments. mabe not as long, thats all i gotta say about that
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I admit, I do enjoy the AVGN, but really, come on. Every other word out of his mouth is generally not appropriate.

Sorry, I didn't think of that.. I was just so knocked senseless laughing at his battle with satan I had to share :p
I imagine AVGN is an acronym for something, but without the link to where it actually is located I have no idea what AVGN stands for. Anyone that could enlighten me?
It's actually the first hit after some stock quote if you google AVGN :p

edit: heck I gotta watch that last one again :p