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New Beta bios 8IRXP users F6d

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Feb 26, 2002
I have the 8IRXP version 2.0, P4 1.6a runnin at 2125@133fsb, Vcore 1.65, KingmaxPC2700@353 2.6v Super Stable prime 95 for days, every benchmark out there. However I have the classic reboot issue. In winXP pro if you do a shut down turn off it will turn off for 1 second and then turn back on, everything is fine it just boots right back up! I have been sending emails to the tech support now for weeks and they finally started replying. They gave me a new beta bios F6D, i installed the new bios and winXP would not load! So I thought i would give F6d another chance, so i reload XPpro and still it would not shut down, the tech support told me they were working on the problem, but this is now the best bios out there, it supports raid/scsi boot option and is also super stable.

Use at your own risk!!!
For me it works great besides the reboot issue

Use at your own risk!!!
I am using this board with windows xp pro. No reboot problem at all with f6d! I am running a 1.8a at a little over 2.3 GHz with 1.60 volts core. Boots fine, reboots, shuts down, starts up, goes in and out of standby properly. Did you load bios defaults (fail safe, then optimal), before making your changes (after flashing?)

Bob Johnston
no, i did not do that. I will try it right now.
Did your previous bios let you turn off your machine or did F6d fix it?

That was it, i am so happy!!! Now all those impatient people who bought this board and RMA'ed should kick themselves, this board is super stable. I love it. Time to overclock so more!!

thanks alot
Mother board monitor

I do have a question for you. Can you get the latest Mother board monitor to run on your 8IRXP? 5106b, would load fine but when you went to adjust the dashboard or the settings the case speaker would start buzzing and would not stop until you restarted!

any comments
Yes, I had to to go into the mobo monitor program, general settings, advanced, and click do not reset sensor chip, then clear out all the temperature sensor settings, and reboot, then go back into the program and set the 3 sensors for temperature. Now works fine.
Have any of you guys used this board with an Soundblaster Audigy???

Any problems?

I have not, I use a sound blaster live retail version (not 5.1) and it works great. My buddy is about to use a Audigy platnium with this board when his hard drive comes in. Are you having any problems or conflicts with the audigy? So far this board is super!!

I do (Audigy), no issues at all. In fact, I did have a defective board first time around and still didn't have issues with sound then,

I RMA'd it to newegg, got it back yesterday, flashed the BIOS and my 1.8a is currently running at 2.61! yeeeaaaaahhh! It goes in and out of standby, reboots, shutsdown, and ran Prime95 Torture for 7 hours before I stopped it!

It ROCKS! I am going to try and hit 2.7 tomorrow with it. :)
what are your settings at 2.61, i would like to take my 1.6a up more. I am at 2.125 currently super stable. If you don't already know, gigabyte has the official F6 bios posted now on their web site.

Thanks, Yeah I flashed it earlier...

The settings are:

- FSB 145
- Memory (Kingmax PC2700 5ns) x2 divider @ CAS2 6-3-3
- I didn't fix the PCI Divider. It's on the 37.5/70 setting.


- CPU 1.65
- AGP <Default>
- Memory <Default>

Other Stuff:

Serial Ports <both disabled>
RAID <disabled>
Onboard Sound <Disabled>
Memory Stick <Disabled>
Smart Card <Disabled>
Parallel <enabled>
The resetting problem is a problem with the chipset and not the make of mobo....

Many other 845 chipset mobos exibit the same problem.

see here
It is true that it is a limitation of the chipset. However, the BIOS can mask the info to the chipset. Since I have had this box up with this BIOS (3 days), I have not had one issue on reboots.

The issues with the reboots were directly related to the F5 BIOS (Check Gigabyte's site). They acknowledge a reboot POST issue with a stop code of 26 that they have fixed in this rev. It was due to the implementation of their "Dual BIOS" feature.