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new board for Athlon XP-M

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Jun 30, 2004
Wöschbach LMAO
My current system is in my sig.
My board, a Gigabyte 7n400L with nforce2 400 ultra, should be good enough.
But I can't increase vcore over 1.71V (vdimm won't go over 2.8V) and in addition under load vcore is fluctuating up to 0.05V which causes 2nd prime test to fail (I think so), even at 9*200 = 1,8GHz.
I'm pretty sure my board is to blame.
My question is, which would be the best board for my athlon xp-m, maybe even with S-ATA support and with good overclocking abilities.. like "real" control over vdimm and vcore voltage... more stable voltages for overclocking.. well I think you understand what I want. I guess this Abit NF7 S Rev2 is good, but I want your oppinions... and I know maaaany of you are using the XP-M.
Maybe some guy has an used board to sell.. this would also be a good solution!
thank you.

I hope this question wasn't posted to often before..


c(n*199780) Senior Member
Feb 18, 2002
Only three nForce2s post all multipliers on multiplier unlocked CPUs without any mods.

Abit, DFI and Soltek.

Compare the features they have but stick with those three nForce2 brands imho.