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New Build - Component Decisions

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Nov 16, 2001
Its been almost three years since I upgraded my hardware so I am getting ready to do it again. I do no gaming and but do sometimes have graphic/photograph tasks and frequently deal with large PDF files. Nevertheless, as always, I just want a machine that responds as close to instantly as possible to everything from opening hardware, big graphic files, starting software, etc. Therefore, although there is no practical rationalization, I rebuild my machine about every three years or so for the sole purpose of always having a very fast powerful machine. I now only toy a bit with overclocking as reliability and stability are most important to me so I plan to just set the bios up for the best performance possible from the hardware. At this time I am considering an Intel I9-13900K, Asus Z790M-Plus Mobo, and 32 Gig of DDR5 memory. So, I have two questions:

1 - For this combination of hardware, what memory spec would be reasonable. I am thinking of DDR5-7200 but I am not sure if this would be a big overkill.
2 - With respect to Windows 10, is there even an iota of an advantage to use 64 Gig RAM instead of 32 Gig?
1. DDR5 7200 sounds like big overkill... id look around 6200-6400 with lowest CL rating.

2. No. Unused RAM is a waste of money. If you're close to using 32GB, then consider 2x32 or even the new 2x24gb st8cks coming out now. Otherwise, gett8ng 64GB for giggles doesn't do a thing except thin your wallet.
I see conflicting information for the ASUS Prime Z790M-Plus memory specification. Is DDR4 or DDR5 required and can it accept either?
Intel can still run both ddr4 and ddr5 (amd cannot). So there are some boards that support ddr4 (typically on the cheaper side) and many others that support ddr5. It'd one or the other, not both.

Since you're build8ng new and apparently have the budget, go ddr5.... (see previous post).

PS - merged the memory question into the existing thread about memory choice for your build. ;)
Earthdog, thank you. My continuing research had me already thinking 7200 is a big overkill so I appreciate you confirminmg my thoughts here. I am actually now looking at G.Skill Trident Z5 DDR5-6000, 2 X 32GB. The delta cost between 32Gig and 64Gig (considering the total of the i9-13900K, Asus Prime Z790M-Plus, and the memory) is relatively small and I am thinking of eventually using the extra RAM for a PrimoCache cache. G,Skill shows a number of versions of the Trident Z5, some using the AMD EXPO chipset and others using the Intel XMP 3.0. Since everything else will be Intel (CPU, 700 Chipset) I am probably going to go with that one.
Post magically merged:

There are two different versions of the Asus Prime Z790M-Plus, one is DDR4 & the other is DDR5.
Thank you! I felt like I was being gaslighted as it did not seem likely a board would accept both. Definitely going with the DDR5 version. I had some truly dumb thought of reusing the DDR4 sticks I now have but after going to this effort I am not going to screw it up and not do it right.