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New Build Log

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Mar 15, 2004
Hello Gents and Lady,

This is a long time in the making. Some of you may remember some of my previous posts discussing an impending rebuild and today I took the plunge and ordered the first 2/3rds of the parts. This is primarily because ASUS has finally gotten the Formula VI out to retailers to sell. I checked Newegg this morning at about 8:30 AM CST (as has been my daily ritual) and it still wasn't there, then checked again about 2pm and it had popped up so I in turn ordered the below:

CPU To delid or not to delid...
RAM RAMdisk!

There are still more parts to buy especially considering that this will be a water cooled machine I already have this RAD and before the hate comes in about 140mm rads and their fans I have chosen to do this by design for a few reasons. For starters, I'm not in this to try and get the best possible temp. If I were I'd just drop a grand on a chiller and be done with it. I wanted to go this route because I think it will end up being quieter and look nicer, at least it will given the design that I have in my head. (hopefully my head is right!)

My case will stay the same I love my Lian-Li v2000b Plus II. It has served me well these past...oh **** 6 years, but it is in need of some TLC. I have drilled out almost all of the rivets and sent the bare (read silver) aluminum to local paint shop to be powder coated matte black. I don't have pics yet since I haven't gotten the pieces back yet, but I'm hoping to have them by Friday. Right now the case looks very sad. 116hw5t.jpg

The remainder of the planned PC parts are as follows:

Monitor already have 2 just need the 3rd
GPU planning on only 1 I need to see how it handles my games in Nvidia Surround

As for water cooling This will all be in 3/8" and go Pump>RAD>CPU>GPU>RES>Pump etc
The remainder of the planned WC parts are as follows:

Fans obviously 140mm 6 in push pull but if I can be convinced that push pull is a myth then i'll only get 3
CPU Block
GPU Block
and then there are the minor bits like tubing and bitspower fittings etc

The Rad will be on it's side in the bottom of the case. I will be cutting two large holes on both sides of the case so air can pass from one side to the other without going in to the actual case. Like so: