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New Build. Need Ram.

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Techpowerup.com is a good site to find legit windows 10 keys cheap. They have them on the front page of their site. You can usually get one for $10 or $12 with their discount code. I would grab one of those vs buying a retail key. I've bought several of them and haven't had a problem.
As for going with win10 vs 8 you can always dual boot and check it out. It's a cheap way to make up your mind If you get a win10 key.
Is it an OEM license? Could not find any specifics in the description.
Also, it seems that my z390-a prime does not support drivers for windows 8.1. At least I could not find any for windows 8.1 on their website. Only windows 10 drivers available.
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I could not find any Windows keys for sale on Techpowerup.com. What am I missing? Link? What section of the website is it under?
I did find those codes. Of course for such a nice price there gotta be some compromise. Could not make up my mind, so just installed Windows 10 first. During the installation It just used the code from the already installed Windows 8.1. So I am happy where I ended up. Then I also read that I can downgrade with that code to windows 7 and 8.1. Have not tested the last statement though, but I hope that is true. Can not find the link to that article right now though.
You should be able to reinstall any OS that was previously on the computer and it should automatically activate.
Well, I was able to use the same key form Windows 8.1 on Windows 10 installation.

What should I make of these results in Thaiphoon burner ? Thaiphoon says the memory sticks are Samsung B-Dies, but this model is not listed on b-die finder. https://benzhaomin.github.io/bdiefinder/ F4-3600C19D-16GVRB I bought two sticks, but they show up separately Thaiphoon so the naming is a bit different. Is it not a reliable application anymore?
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Did you buy each stick separately or as a matched pair dual channel kit?
the bdie finder probably hasnt been updated, i wouldnt worry about it. thaiphoon is just reading the ics. what do you mean they show up separately? it reads each module individually not both at the same time if thats what you mean. again i wouldnt sweat it.
you lucked out ;) granted they are likely binned real tight but you may be able to oc them a bit. if anything you may be able to tighten the timings down some at stock speed.
thats by far the best deal ive ever seen on any b-die kits! have you tried to oc them yet?
Just running at XMP. Have not read yet about how to OC manually. I saw AMD ram OC calculator somewhere online. Would that be helpful for OCing memory?
Not really. It's for AMD and it's not working on every setup.
Just run your memory at XMP settings and then change manually timings to something like 16-16-16 or 17-17-17 and voltage between 1.35V and 1.40V. Sub timings should be automatically adjusted by the motherboard. You don't really need tight sub timings for gaming or anything else. The performance difference is usually between 0-1% so it's a waste of time out of competitive benchmarking.

You can also check something like DDR4-4000 17-17-17-37 /18-18-18-38 / 19-19-19-39 1.35-1.45V or up to 4266 19-19-19/19-21-21 1.35-1.45V but above 4000 it sometimes doesn't work because of some other factors like BIOS, memory controller, etc.
Was able to only run the sticks at 3733. If I go higher it does not boot. If I lower timings it also does not boot. Can someone please share a screenshot of Thaiphoon burner for a verified, good b-die kit? I just want to compare other components besides ICXs. Changing voltage does not help at all, so I put it back to stock. I would put the main dram voltage to 1.4 max and the other two 1.15 and 1.2 max per your guide Woomack. Please keep in mind that I have ASUS z390-a prime. As I understood MSI do a better work adjusting secondary timings.
The RAM you chose has lower end ICs. I can tell that because the CL value is 19. Higher end 3600 mhz memory would have CL of 16 or 18. What you have will not overclock well so just run it a stock.