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New built with Kaby Lake CPU

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Apr 17, 2004
Haven't been in the game of building a PC in a while and a friend wants a Computer with a Gen 7 Kaby Lake CPU. He is on a $800-$900 budget but still needs a good CPU\RAM\MB for Audio and Video Production. I am aiming at the Intel Core i5-7600K, but don't know where to start on a Motherboard or Ram. I do know I want it to have a minimum 16GB Ram. Any recommendation from those who have recently built a PC revolving on a Kaby Lake? Thanks and appreciate any input.

So Far...
Intel Core i5-7600K
Samsung EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate BarraCuda Pro 2TB HDD
Corsair 750Watt PSU
For the board, the ASUS Z270-A offers some great features for under 160.00 it will be hard to find many that offers as much.....For the RAM the supported list is plentiful......
Thanks but I think I can go better than the ASUS Z270-A which doesn't have that great reviews.
Now I am thinking of selling my Motherboard\CPU\Ram and just upgrade myself. The thing that is stopping me is all the problems with motherboard and memory combinations producing a lot of errors in the Z270 chipsets. Also from what I am seeing, I don't know why the Z270 stopped supporting ATAPI DVD drives.
You did say production I would look at R5 on April 11th with a nice GPU. Extra. $ spent on gfx card will mean more fps in Games than Intel vs AMD.
I would go AMD's Ryzen if it saves money and if it is stable.
I don't know why the Z270 stopped supporting ATAPI DVD drives.

Where did you get this information.....which is not true.......LOL, if it were true why does every manufacturer ship a DVD with all the drivers and utilities for their boards......

You mentioned also that the ASUS 270 Prime had poor reviews; if you are getting those reviews from amazon or newegg you might look elsewhere for your research.......Is the ASUS the best Z-270 board.....nope, but for the mid price range you will find it difficult to find another board with the same feature set for the price.......
i have the Prime z270-a and it works fine. Using G.skill 3200 TridentZ ram.
Recent bios update is messing with the voltages in some programs but everything seems well.

Sorry to post this pic in areas more than once but it is what it is for now

Delidded i7 7700k at 5Ghz 1.310v