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New card.......cause this one is embarasing(plus it sucks)

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Jul 21, 2004
Aside from the fact im tired of not having a directx 9.0 card, im also getting a little sick of the smartass comments from people(il let you guess why...........) So were fixin to upgrade(i said that earlier and my gf looked at me and goes"with what, you gonna prostitute me out for cash or something?" :clap: :clap: ) anyway. at this point im lookin at (if my wheels get sold) about 500 to spend on a card. Ive always been a big fan of the Radeon cards and Have looked at a true radeon x800pro and a saphire x800xt
on ebay that would both fall into my price range. Now the real question, What card would you buy with aprox. 500$(maybe more......depends on how much i can weasel out of the wheels and my grandmother:) ). I realy wanna dump some cash into this comp since its the only electronic device i get for the next two years in the Corps dorms...............


Mar 27, 2001
Indiana/North Dakota
I like my X800 pro and I got it because it was at a local store...the day I went...no backorder...no waiting for two weeks to get it...it was there. It's a very fast and capable card, but if you're looking to Doom3 then it may not be the card for you. Part of me wishes that I had waited for a 6800GT but in all reality I'm glad I have what I do have. These cards OC very well and soon I plan on doing the V-mod to see how much Games feel and look great on this card, but there is part of me wishing I had those 16 pipes..you know what I mean??? I would not like a 6800Ultra because they just seem to be way to much...If you get an X800pro get a VIVO card that you can turn into an XT...they seem to be yielding the greatest success rate. I have yet to try it on mine...we'll see what happens???