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new card teething probs... help please

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Oct 2, 2001
Herts, SE, England
just bought a PNY Verto geforce 4 ti4200 64mb card.

Installed it with det 30.82's, trouble is my pc either keeps resetting or when I run 3dmark it does the first car chase and then quits back to desktop

am thinking it might be my psu (new cheap case and have 300watt that came with it)

any ideas please as I want to bench this card to see what improvements I get
really need help please, had to go back to my gts, xp died on me last night and I am in the throws of reinstalling all my stuff again, plus I lost 40gb of dloaded stuff and all my uni files :(

because xp kept rebooting etc I reckon it must have really f***ed it up ended up with a disk failure!!! reformatted and installed xp and all is well again except I cant use my new card

gonna go buy a 550 watt psu tday and see if that helps

what drivers are recommended for the 4200's?

mainly play games such as cs and ut2k3 online
problem sorted, bought a antec 550 watt psu and it is sweet as now, 3d mark score 8801

beats my 3900 on the gts, now for UT2K3 bench :)

moral of the story is dont use cheap *** psu's regardless what size they claim to be
nice one that a nice power supply should give the little baby some juice :D i guess those PSU's they give with cheap cases just dont cut the mustard
yep, thought 350 was plenty (minimum according to box of card)

but with 4 usb devices, and my speakers powering off the case aswell the poor bugger couldn't cope. Just have to tweak this baby now and see what 3d marks I can get :)