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New Case Design Question!

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Feb 28, 2002
OK, I'm designing this case right, I have just a few questions.

1. Does anyone know a spec sheet with mobo Stand off dimensions.

2. The I/O Ports on the back of a case. where the cards screw into, and the serial ports, USB ports stick out all that, is there a place to get these?

3. How far from the mother board do the card slots have to sit?

Thanks for the help!
There isn't all that much a standard you can use making your own case. When I customized an AT into ATX, I had to buy a crappo case and remove the I/O ports, as I haven't yet found a source for them online. Once positioned on the case, I laid out the position of the mobo and standoffs. Due to the case size, I had to cut the standoffs to size and epoxy them onto the case. As you are building the case from scratch, you should be able to place your standoffs where you want, at your desired height, and then align the I/O cage where you want it.
There has to be a place to get these I/O Port cages...

I am considering going into production with this case, so I have to creat a universal MOBO tray layout.
Here's the layout I made from my removable mobo tray (from another case). Standoff's themselves are 8mm high. All threaded holes are 6-32.
All dimensions are in millimeters, and measured from the inside back surface, and the inside bottom surface. I included the bolt holes for the cards themselves too. Using the standoff dimensions, will place the mobo the correct distance away from the backplane. I've hunted online, and have never found an actual pictured standard.

You might try e-mailing one of the case retailer's sales dept. Maybe they'll let you know where to get the I/O inserts, as many server cases have interchangeable port inserts.

Hope this helps......
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