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SOLVED New case, Need cooling advice

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I just got my antec SX1030B case today. Its awesome! anyways I could use a bit of cooling advice.

it comes with 2 80 mm fans on it mounted to the back of the case and it has room for two more 80mm fans in the front. I have a delta 38 on my alpha heatsink already so i have a decent amount of airflow.

I want to get 2 more 80mm (4 pin) fans that are quiet to put in the front. I assume most if not all 80mm fans will fit in the fan holders. Any suggestions. emphasis on quiet. since the delta makes enough noise.

actually with a delta you will be hard pressed to find an 80mm that is going to be louder than any 80 (considering the frequency of the delta) unless you get that delta focused flow fan. Just go with a name brand fan and you should be good to go.
Yeah, it's not really going to matter with that Delta screaming in there. I don't really care about noise on 80-92mm fans, look for flow. That's the biggie. There are ways to quiet those fans anyways.

Most cases have holes drilled in a circular fashion where the fan mounts. Either totally cut them out, or make the holes as large as possible. This will really quiet a fan down. Also see if you can get some rubber washers and grommets to mount between the fan and the case. This will tone down the vibration and the noise. A drop of oil on the bearings can also quiet them down. Don't use WD-40, use fishing reel oil at the thinnest. Motor oil can't seep down in there so don't use anything that heavy. I use either K&N air filter oil or fishing reel oil. They both last a lot longer than WD-40.

Filters, as nice as they are will produce noise if they are effective. The quietest thing that I have found for a filter element is pantyhose. I stretch it on the outside side of the fan and superglue it to the fan chassis. When it gets dusty, hit it with the vacuum and it's all clean. Also clear any wires away from your fans, it will promote air flow and they can add to the noise.

The least resistance a fan encounters the quieter it will run. That is why I don't like a posistive pressure case. I prefer the blowing to be greater than the sucking. (Easy guys) A case set like this WILL run quieter because neither the blowing or sucking fans are getting overworked.
The Sunon 80x25mm 36cfm fans do a good job, as a case fan, for a good price (appx $8.00). They are certainly not loud. If you can find them, Panaflo 80x32mm fans do an excellent job, quietly.