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NEW case needs some advice

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Aug 14, 2001
I am designing a case made out of perspex, (Plastic Glass) and the height is going to be 90cm. I was wondering what kind of base would be required so that there would be greater stability so that the case would not bend or something, or is the perspex strong enough?
Also I have finished doing my first GPU mod, i installed 2 crystal orbs with arctic silver 3 to my oldie voodoo 5 it reached 200 MHZ till now :)
Going to post pics soon as soon as i buy the cable for my digital camera :p
What is the thickness of the plexi that you are planning to use?

I would recomend that you use some sort of feet.
It should be easily strong enough it you have 3 or more corner joints between the base and the body. If you can understand what I mean. You want a solid corner on at least 3 sides preferably 4 sides.

In the shape of a box the case will be very strong

You wont need anything else accept for looks.
i would say that you could use the "feet" that they use on the chenming cases would work for making it stable.
OK i am going for a 1/4 inch perspex on all the case also i was going to do an inside joint on each end top and bottom, roof and floor including ;) maybe i gcould do a wood base and cover it with vibration absorbing material?
Or else i could do a mini aquarium at the bottom that way i could always have a friendly fish , probably deaf with the fans, lookin at me:cool: