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New challenge graph (01/04/2002)

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Senior OC BOINC User
Apr 17, 2001
Mexico City, Mexico
Happy Fool's day......

I'm sorry for not giving you an update last Friday, as it was an off day here in Mexico (I really need it as I'mhaving a lot of work :temper:).

As you can see we are slowly catching the frogz, but we need to produce more WU in order to pass them really soon :)

As for the fastest crunchers in our near future we have the following:

45.- OcUK 3,781.2 WU/day
24.- Planet 3Dnow! 3,559.6 WU/day
32.- OC SETI 2,613.5 WU/day
30.- AMDmb.com 2,420.7 WU/day
22.- Vulture Central 2,129.6 WU/day

I'm in the process of adding more teams to the challenge graph spreedsheet so I can keep track of all the teams from the first place to the 33, keeping all the data I have so far gathered. A quick reminder: all this data is official, as per the publication in the SETI@home official server (setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/).....

So keep it up, as CCI is close at hand, it sould be added next update as we smoke past them (next Friday).

looking good. keep it up everyone!!

btw, could someone verified for me is we gaining or loosing to the frogs?? some said they r pull away, some said we r making some ground.....

i know that depend on where u get the info. but is there any site/way to get a more actual #?
The are two good sites with lots of info so you can draw your own conclusion

One is SETI@home statistics you can browse the data for since the 2000 for all the team in the top 200.

The other is SETI@work.

Both site collect the information from berkeley to process it an give some charts and/or prediction to the browser.

ANother good site with lots of info is the Ars Tecnica page, but I don't really know where do they get the info. Seems they use the berkeley data, but really know if they get the data form the team list directly and not the consollidated list available from the top 200 list.
So you expect to over take us in August? Or am I reading that wrong. Just wondering, thought you were going to blow by us this week or something. By the way nice work on the graph. The OC team has some class acts, shame I'm a frog. :D
Right, we have a marginal higher output than the frogz, and as you have a 30,000 WU lead, my bet is that somewhere in August we will be really close :)

That is assuming that things remain roughly like they are right now.....