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New challenge graph (05/04/2002)

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Senior OC BOINC User
Apr 17, 2001
Mexico City, Mexico
New challenge graph.

The servers are almost 3,000 WU behind, so unoficially we are team number 31. Congratulations all you guys and gals.

As for the top team crunchers right around us, I just corrected a quirk with OCUK and are finally showing their real output.

24.- Planet 3Dnow! ----->3,511.6 WU/d
32.- OC SETI Team ----->2,587.1 WU/d
44.- OCUK ----->2,531.4 WU/d
30.- AMDmb.com ----->2,431.2 WU/d
26.- SETI Switzerland --->2,222.9 WU/d

We need to increse our production, so we can take over those damn frogz. Right now the 100 WU/d difference is marginal and will have to wait a long time to even reach them, musch more to dust them, so keep those CPU burning, those memory timing aggresive and CRUNCH ON!
great graph as always mictlan :D keep it up guys and gals we are gaining on them frogs so we are going to get our frog leg dinners some time but i want them sooner then that hehe i might just need to add another cruncher :D
looks good......as always.

and don't worry, i'll have my "Secret Weapon" up and running in the middle of next week!! if everything run as planned :rolleyes:

hint hint: how 'bout another 100+WU/day?? :D well, i still have to wait and see......;)
I was hoping to have a new cruncher up and running but the memory hasn't arrived. I think it was back ordered and they didn't want to post it on there website I took a gamble and bought from Kommax, Kingmax pc2700. Should arrive according to conformation on 4/10.
New system xp 2000 AGOIA, shuttle ak31 rev 3.1( vcore mod and mem mod ), IBM 60GXP 40 gig, with Swifty MC462a heatsink. I'm going to shoot for over 1900 which should be done very easily, hopeing for a sub 3 HR WU.
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