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New challenge graph (11/11/2002)

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Apr 17, 2001
Mexico City, Mexico
[sneaking out of the nuthouse]

Updated and uploaded.


You can clearly see the three team around us that sudently took a hit with the cheating clean up.....I'll try to get a graph as soon as I finsih some work here :D
You want it, you have it.

A quick graph showing the last changes in the total WU of some of the teams. We can presume that is because of cheaters but could be that someone decided to create a new team ;)

lol, poor Netherlands...lost 3.5million WUs, thats a lot of cheaters or a lot ppl leaving
thanks for the update...

Glad Berkely is cleaning the cheating issue up... It was disheartening to have them ignore so many complaints for so long a time...

Crunch on!!!
I bet berk. has only caught 2% of the cheaters!! It is nice to see some of the Teams coming back to reality tho:D
With the data I collected today I have the following targets:

24.-Canada 14/12/02-19/12/02
23.-Linux 21/12/02-27/12/02
17.-Intel 22/02/03-17/03/03
16.-Microsoft 10/03/03-11/04/03

Phoenix Rising, Switzerland, AMDMB and Nippon might be stompped depending if they get more reinforcements or we get more WU.....If we can average 5,000 WU/day this next December-February we might get them, if not.....

Well, lets get :burn: to try to get into the top 20 teams before the project ends :D

Editted with the data updated of the 14/11
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as a side remark, could we get the graph with a higher contrast between the data and the subdued backround. I have had problem distinguishing some teams such as canada.

apart from that , keep on the good work.