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New challenge graph (15/03/2002)

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Senior OC BOINC User
Apr 17, 2001
Mexico City, Mexico
This day we have our new challenge graph.....

Next monday we will be celebrating our reach to the 32th place.....as we might pass Abit sometime in the weekend, just as soon as the berkeley server refreshes and takes into account the WU it's lagging behind.

Those frogz are increasing their production but they are doomed....if we managed to maintain our current production we will have a clearer picture before eh end of this month :D. If by then they haven't pulled a hat trick, then we will stomp them in the the first 10 days of April..... And in the end OC SETI Team will prevail.

Crunch on, full power all ahead!!!!!

Lonely Raven

If you traded with me please leave me Heatware Sen
Feb 2, 2002
Wheaton, IL
Wow, when did we make #33?

We are gonna BLOW past the ABIT group like they were alseep
at the wheel!


Inactive Pokémon Moderator
Jun 20, 2001
Vancouver, WA
Woohoo!! Passing Abit with 349 less members!!

Of course, the frogz are annother 300 (technicly 320) users below us... They have some serious power per member! Now imagine if we had that much power per member :eek: :eek:

[background music = ON]
Kill the froggies, kill the froggies, kill the frogies, kill them now!!
[background music = OFF]