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New chipset. kt400 and nforce2.

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Oct 13, 2001
okay guys heres my situation.

kt400 and nforce 2.

nforce 2 quote from toms

" was not able to use any memory except corsair"

is this true??

i belive that these new boards will unlock the 2200+ or higher??
except MSI.

do you reccomend kt400 or nforce 2??

thanks alot

oh btw i did search but did not find the answers i was looking for


New Member
Jul 3, 2002
It all depends.

I never trust Tom. Read more than just his reviews.

I believe ocworkbench and amdmb had reviews on the A7N8X and I don't believe they used Corsair.

About the unlocking of the CPU's through the board is 50/50 thing at the moment. It has worked for some and others it has not. Only time will tell on that.

I held out on the KT400, I waited for Nforce 2 and one is on the way. There will be lots of post on the Nforce 2 boards in the next few weeks. Watch those and then make your decision.


Oct 29, 2002
In contrast to the last post, I've had good experiences with Tom's reviews.

Sure, keep everyone should keep in mind that most sites are financed in some way or the other by tech-ads....

As for chipset, I would opt for KT400... it's been out longer, O/C methods have been tested thorougly.. there's always a catch when you choose something new..


Aug 17, 2001
Ive always looked at Toms as one of the most indepth and technical reviews available.

Ugmore Baggage

Feb 12, 2002
This is an actual quote from Tom's. Is the above quotemarked phrase an actual quote or your (mis)understanding of what the below states?

"During our tests, we used two different types of memory.
The Twinmos memory ran fine with all three nForce2 motherboards. Unfortunately, it is not available for CL2 mode, so far. That is why we used the Corsair memory for benchmarking."


Nov 27, 2001
Seattle, WA
I think this was when they set the memory frequency to 400 DDR and tried to run the "cheaper" memory with really aggressive timings and it failed. It can run 400 DDR, but with less aggressive timings.. If you wanted to run with the fastest possible settings, get the Corsair mem, but most people are happy gettings 333DDR and overclocking that a little. Setting up the board with 333 DDR seems to give better benchmarks too.. Check out ALL the reviews.
As an owner of a KT400 chipset board, I'd recommend it. And from what I've seen, I don't regret waiting for the nForce2, although it's a great board too...