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New Comair Rotron 162mm fan - Huge but where art thou connect?

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Mar 18, 2001
Hey guys. I just got my fans shipment in today; 24 120mm fans and 1 HUGE 162mm fan by Comair Rotron. This thing could blow my little sister out the window! The wires on the Rotron though look a bit, how should i say this, weird!?!? The connector itself is weird is enough but since im going to hook it up to my fanbus I wont need it anyways. The wires are colored the following way: black, red, blue, red/white, black/white (the doubled colored wires have a sort of a sprial effect to it, just like those barber shop things). This totals for 5 wires. The connector itself has 6 holes but only 5 of them have pins which connect to the wires. If anyone has some info on how to set this up I would bow down to you! Maybe not that, but I will say thanks! Thanks peeps.
Some people have gone to taking pins out of the motherboard connection and attaching it to a 12 volt lead to try to get voltages of 1.7, 3.3, 5, 7, 8.7, 8.8, 12, 15.3, 17, or 24 volts. Here's a link
Hrmm intresting. Ill try it out. If anyone know another way post a reply =). Thanks
Hrmm intresting. Ill try it out. If anyone know another way post a reply =). Thanks
Use a second atx power supply. Use the atx motherboard connector. The blue wire is -12v,the yellow
wire is +12v. This will give you 24volts,as close as you can get.
Heres a picture with the colors and volts marked.
The wires are#12 and #10.
I see now. So I would need to have those two yellow and blue in a molex connector....would I need any other wires (like for grounding)?

Also, What wires from the fan do I have to put on the molex connector? The connector only has 4 pins and the fan has 5 wires.
I just got back from the local Electronics Surplus Warehouse and they had these big Comair-Rotron and also EBM fans. I'd guess they were between 6 and 8 inches in diameter by about 1-1/2 thick. The case was not square, but mostly circular with squarish ears where the mounting holes were. In both cases, they were 120VAC and also needed a motor-start capacitor. two leads of the five were for the capacitor. They were both plainly marked as such though. No mistaking them for 24VDC. They looked quite powerful, and if I hadn't bought 5 other axial fans for my collection, I would have gotten one of them. The Rotrons were pulls, but the EBMs were new. What made the trip worth while was the box of 12V Panaflo 80x32mm fans. The thicker housing makes them deliver their rated cfm (25) against greater air resistance and they are "quiet as a church mouse". They were NOS from 1995. Not listed at the Panaflo Web site, so probably a custom job. Picked up a pair of new ETRI 208-240VAC 80x25mm for my 2.5Kw VHF Amplifier. That's for a different hobby. Lastly, I got another 12V EBM 92x38mm turbine style all aluminum to got with the one I got a while back. This place is loaded with Pabst, Rotron, Nidec, Panaflo, EBM, you name it. Most of the fans range from $2.50 to $3.50 each.

Hey I have both of those Comair Rotron fans I have the Major DC jq12b4 and the AC model

Surprisingly the Dc Major 12v model is surprisingly Quite while its AC brother is louder than a 747 at takeoff.

I never put either in any of my Cases but they are pretty neat fans, as the feathered edge fan blades actually do eliminate the noise to some degree.

I have a question, why would you want to use the fan at 20+ volts???

At 12 volts the fan could blow out a forest fire, Even at 6 volts the fan puts out a pretty solid airflow.
How did you connect those fans to your power supply?!?!?!?! Thanks!!!!!!!
comppimp (Jun 28, 2001 04:43 p.m.):
How did you connect those fans to your power supply?!?!?!?! Thanks!!!!!!!

comppimp, For the AC model I used a 6' Extension cord connected to a power strip/

For the Dc model I tried it two ways, I first tested the fan with a 2,4,6,8,10,12 volt ac/dc Adapter I got at Target for 9.99

The second way was to take a Molex connector using two extra Pieces of 12gauge wire I had from Radio Shack and connected them into the Molex connector. What I attached to the Fans odd connector was similiar to this from Radio Shack(Not this size but similiar)
Tbird man (Jun 28, 2001 07:35 p.m.):
could the extra wires be for a tach or speed control?

I Took the DC unit apart and its just a + and - (positive anf Negative) and no solder point for a tach.