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New Computer

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Feb 24, 2004
Orlando, FL
Alright, it's about time I make this thread. I wanted to get a new computer. The idea popped up a couple of months ago. About 1 month ago, I came up with a plan - sell my current computer, and buy a new one.

Well, most of this plan... if not all of it is now complete.

The project came out to be quite different from what I intended it to be. I was originally going to go with water cooling. I wanted to do that for a while. Then, I realised that I don't have the cash to get water cooling and I could add that later.

It's a really long story and I'm sure you don't wanna read it and even if I posted it, you would just skip the paragraph.

What it turned out to be is a high performance, air cooled, fairlly quiet (my comp is on 24/7 and I sleep in that room) gaming rig. My budget was just about $2000 without the monitor but with everything else (keyboard, mouse, etc.) It came out to be just $15 over the budget because I wanted that 3 year warranty of the RETAIL CPU.

I'm not going for anything flashy or pretty because, as I said, I sleep in the room and I need it quiet and dark. Also, even if I did make it look cool (which I would have been glad to do) I don't have anybody to appreciate my work. I don't go to many LAN's. Maybe just once each year. I also don't have a lot of computer literate friends that could say "d00d, that's the coolest thing I've ever seen!!1" All I want to do is something eye pleasing that wouldn't desturb me or anyone else in the house.

So, I purchased the parts last night. Everything is from newegg except the video card. Those 6800 GT's are extremely hard to find!

Here it is so far. Tell me what you think.

Case: CM Stacker :attn:


Processor: A64 3400+ 1MB L2 Cache RETAIL


Motherboard: EPoX EP-8KDA3+


RAM: OCZ EB PC3700 :cool:


Video Card: eVGA 6800 GT

(from another site)

HDD: Seagate Barracuda 160GB SATA 150 yeah, yeah, I know it's not a raptor, but donate me some money and I'll get one ;)


Sound Card: Audigy 2 ZS


PSU: Antec True 550W


DVD RW: NEC 8X Black Dual Layer DVD+/-RW Drive
I was gonna get this and a CD-RW/DVD combo, but again - no money!


FDD: SONY Black 1.44MB
No, I DO NOT want to hear your opinion on this. Every sytem needs a floppy. I don't want to waste a whole CD or DVD for a simple BIOS flash.


Headphones: KYNYO 5.1 Channel Headphones
I know about the hiss and I don't care. I really want Doom III to scare the ever living crap out of me. And I want to do it without waking up my family nor my neighbours :beer:


Keyboard: Logitech 1337 :)p) Keyboard


Floppy Cable... motherboard doesn't come with a rounded one:



This Coupled with two of these

Also, this little beast as a side intake in the Stacker which btw comes with 2 quiet 120mm fans and one 80mm fan on top.

I'll probably get the VGA Silenver Rev. 4 when it comes out for the 6800 series

I might get active SB cooling as well. Epox didn't put one on even though it tends to get hot

I'll probably upgrade to water cooling later on if I have the money and if it's worth it at the moment

Mouse: Razer Viper


Mousepad: fUNC 1030


Everything else, I have along with a 19" KDS monitor which I totally love - it can do high resolutions at good refresh rates and the colors and brightness are amazing!, an HP 4 in 1 printer - just pure quality, I LOVE it!!, a cordless logitech wingman which is awesome for anything, a very high speed cable internet connection and a good router, and some AS 5. Awesome.

How's that for a gaming rig?



Feb 25, 2004
that is one kickass rig. I wish I could do that for my in the process of building a64 rig. I have a budget of 500. Goodluck with the new build.


Jul 14, 2004
don't have anybody to appreciate my work. I don't go to many LAN's. Maybe just once each year. I also don't have a lot of computer literate friends that could say "d00d, that's the coolest thing I've ever seen!!1"

I feel your pain man, half my friends are like... "does it play games?" while the other half is like, "computers are dumb."

I have almost no one to show my stuff off to either :cry:

[email protected]

Feb 24, 2004
Orlando, FL
No but you can give him some cash and he'll do it :p

Haha, that's exactly what I was going to say :p

let me know how those headphones work out, i have been eyeing them for my next system

Yeah, I'll write my impressions when I receive the parts. Only thing that's holding me back is that video card which is on a pre order and they receive it on the 13th. Hope I don't have to wait very long for it.