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New Cooling Idea

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Feb 17, 2001
Mesa Arizona
Ok, I just got this idea for my new 1.2 gig computer and I am wondering what you all think about it. I just built a room onto the back of my house to do my computer work in. I live in Phoenix Arizona so naturally I need an air conditioer for my new room. The idea is to rig the A/C unit so that before blowing the cool air into the room, it blows it through my coputer case. What do you all think?
Depending upon the size of your room, you may need some hellatious fans in that case to retain the air velocity coming out of the air conditioner. If the air conditioner cycles during use, the air coming out of it tends to change humidity considerably if you're pulling in or blending outside air with the already cooed air. I imagine humidity is not a big factor in AZ though.

No, Humidity isn't a very big factor here. I would have to get a unit that de-humidifies the air before it is decipated. I do have 3 120 fans sucking air through right now. Do you think that is enough? I am trying to consider alternatives to water cooling and this just popped into my head. If it works, it won't cost anything because I need the cooler anyway! I would have to mod a duct through the case but that should be no problem.
Only problem is that you don't run the AC 100% of the time. What if you overclocked it to the point that it needed the AC, and it shuts off when in use?
Unless you leave the AC on all the time of couse..
I don't think humidity would even be a concern in AZ, unless you have a rain or something.
Hmmm I like it a bit cool so maybe I will just leave it on.... HEHE. Or. I can make a mod that vents the air through the case to my room when it is hot or vents the airthrough the case to outside when it is cool. That way I can leave it on all the time. I guess there are a fe bugs. I will work on it though.
With all due respect, I think that perhaps just using the A/C to keep the room at say, 22C all the time and your current setup will run that CPU at an acceptable level. Sounds like you have plenty of case ventilation and that's a big factor in enabling your HSF to exchange the heat it wicks off of the CPU.

This is true, but still it would be neat to have that A/C running through my case too. Maybe I will try it without the extra cooling for awhile and see how high I can get it to go. I can add the A/C later. Many thoughts, Many considerations. Maybe I will try water cooling, I dunno just yet. I am a little scared that if I went the water route, it might leak and fry $500 worth of equipment.
Quality workmanship in = Quality product out
I think by now, they got the leaking concern ironed out.

So am I. Too freakin' hot here in the summer. Interested to see how my system runs in the heat. I have only put my PC together 2 months ago.
Right On,
I am in downtown Mesa. I totally agree, the summers are too damn hot here. Winters are nice though... Anyway, I got together with a local school and we built a small network for gaming. We will be hosting lan games (Half Life, Tribes, Quake, Unreal, Etc). If you are interested, send me an e-mail and I will give you more information and the site directors phone number. The plan is to generate enough interest that we can open every day fom 3:30 till 9:00 Pm. Let me know if anyones interested. Thanks!
plowd1 (Mar 09, 2001 07:02 a.m.):
Hey yahoo Dave what you runnin?

T-Bird 900mhz
128meg Princeton Cas3 @Cas2
256meg Corsair Cas2
WD 30gig 7200 ATA100
Quantum 6gig ATA 33
ATI Radeon 64DDR (Retail)
Turtle Beach Quadzilla II Sound Card
SoundBlaster 52X CD-ROM
SoundBlaster PCI 56K Modem
Antex Case with 10 fans (Includes chipset fan & Radeon fan

I think that is all.