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New CPUs Help Needed

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Aug 2, 2001
West Palm Beach, Florida
I just recently purchased 3 more processors for a server
I have and am stuck on how to make win 2k adv server
recognize the new processors. The motherboard does
notice 4 processors. Do I need to reinstall the operating
system or something? I am a total n00b in this area.

OS: Win2k ADV Server
IBM Netfinity 8500R {8616 5RY}
4x P3 ZEON 550Mhz 1MB L2 (1 but im trying to installing 3 more,
of the same stepping)
2x RAID 1 IBM 36.7GB 15Krpm SCSI HDD

Also, is there a way to tell win2k adv serv what program uses
what processors?

Thanks In Advance


Mar 23, 2001
Suwanee, GA
Somwhere in Control Panel ==> System, You can change it to multiprocessing I have done with with mine with only dual though not sure about 4 if all goes bad just try reinstalling win2k


New Member
Feb 11, 2002
To change to the multiprocessor driver open up your device manager, expand "computer" and there should be one item there that says something about uniprocessor PC, get the properties on that and update it to multiprocessor.

Setting processor affinity:

The only way I know to set processor affinity is through the use of the task manager. Right click on the process in the task manager and select "set affinity..." it will bring up a menu allowing you to select which processors the process will run on.